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The type of shoes someone chooses to wear plays an important role in determining his performance as an athlete. Whether you are a professional athlete or someone who just wants to stay active and healthy, your choice in footwear can also ensure your longevity in the sport you love to play. Proper shoes not only improve performance but will keep you playing injury free for years to come. Shoelaces can also help strengthen the elasticity and life time of a shoe.

Some of the top athletic shoes and most selling brands include: Nike Air Max +2012 men’s running shoe, Nike Free Run +3, New Balance Men’s MT20v2 Minimus Trail running shoe, Asics Gel Lyte and Reebok Cross Fit Lifter mostly used for athletic training and long distance running. Due to their quality, health conscious athletic trainers and gym instructors also use them. Adidas Energy Boot is a top seller due to its light weight and its regular use by some of the world’s most outstanding runners.

Despite the fact that Adidas currently has the top selling shoe in the sports gear industry, a good number of consumers tend to have a positive preference towards Nike products. Undoubtedly, Michael Jordan has a great deal to do with the brand’s success and staying power. Their new line of upcoming athletic men’s shoes from Nike include: Nike Air Max 90 width-D-medium available for shipping in mid-April at a selling price of only $149.99. The Nike Air Max 95 width-D-medium is also a new brand selling for $179.99 with free shipping. Nike Kobe Vonemenon for men with width-D-medium is a new brand on the market will be ready for shipping in mid-April and is selling for only $199.99. Air Max 1fb Mercurial Pack will be released on 12th April, followed shortly by the Nike Free Breath to be released on the 27th, costing only $100 and shipping available, there’s no excuse for not getting a pair.

Puma is also an outstanding company known for producing top quality athletic shoes at affordable prices hence encouraging low income earners to find their passion for sports. They have new arrivals in the market that will fit your budget and provide the support your feet need. Cabana Mesh sport men’s sneakers are selling at $60 with their release scheduled for late April. The Future XT-Runner translucent men’s athletics sneaker selling at $95 is another new arrival from Puma. Amazon sellers have also released Speedo men’s Seaside 3.0 costing $39.99 and Adidas men’s Kanadia TR6 costing $74.99 which are both ready for shipping. Black and blue are the most preferred colors by male athletes who also look for light weight footwear which makes sprinting and running in and out of competition a comfortable experience.

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