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Touring Monuments in DC on a Bike

Washington DC is very rich in our national and cultural history and you can have first-hand experience in the lives, thoughts, hopes and aspirations of the founding fathers as you make your way round this remarkable city. However, it may be very surprising that some people who live in Washington DC have never been to some other parts of the city. In fact it is often found that visitors in the city would have visited more national monuments than what city dwellers have visited.

Interestingly, touring monuments with a limo in DC is an easy way to soak up the rich cultural heritage that the city has to offer. Places of interest in Washington DC include the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Union Station, the Supreme Court, Washington Monument and the Capitol among others.

Bike Tours:
Touring monuments in DC is very easy, all thanks to the high quality system of transportation in Washington DC. However, for a DC tour that keeps you actively engaged, bike tours are a great way to explore the city. It is a fun activity for the whole family, and allows you to see many different places.

Bike tours allow you to enjoy the scenery of the city while you learn interesting pieces of information about the museums, monuments and national sites. Biking tours are available to people from all ages with hourly packages, full-day tours and even three-day tours. There is a package to suit everyone’s needs. An interesting thing about biking tours is that you can opt for self-guided tours, personalized tours or even group tours. Young and energetic guides who will keep the tour interesting with series of anecdotes lead the bike tours.

All bike tours provide each individual with a helmet, water, maps, brochures, and concessions. It might also interest you to know that most of the bike tours offer student discounts, AAA discounts, military discounts and group discounts. The best part of bike tours is that trailers are also provided for people who have little children in their entourage.

A Practical Alternative to Bike Tours:
If you would like to enjoy the breezy and chic style of transportation without the added exertion of pedaling a bike, you will most likely love the Segway tours offered in Washington. A Segway allows you enjoy the equivalent of a biking tour which is ideal for people, especiallty who may find it hard to keep their balance or pedal a bicycle for many hours.

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